Enterprise Content Management:

Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems are meant to support an organization’s need for managing the creation, storage, retrieval and archive of information. ECM provides a centralized repository a business can use to manage the storage of any form of business information/documents of value to an organization. ECM allows a business to store, share, and report on this information within and without of the organization as well as protect this valuable asset from loss.

DocXOnline, Anju’s, Microsoft .NET based DocXLogic is a fully integrated workflow, document and forms management solution. This comprehensive enterprise solution is targeted to address the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. DocXLogic is simple to use, easy to implement and highly customizable product designed to meet the needs of any business. DocXLogic enables an organization to

Hand IconAutomate manual business processes and business decision workflows;
Hand IconConsolidate all business information electronically and automate business forms processing, both hard copy and web-based submission
Hand IconDesign and publish intelligent web based business forms turning form information into structured data that can be reported upon
Hand IconStore, archive and easily access documents and related document data, even using a smart phone.
Hand IconShare all forms of business information across the entire enterprise
Hand IconProvide secured access to critical business information
Hand IconMaintain a complete audit trail for all document related activities
Hand IconEnable OCR or image assisted data entry of form data.
Hand IconIntegrate stored data with other external systems.


Hand IconWorkflows are useful in applying business decision processes to documents or to a set of documents. Organizations typically have multiple workflows. For example a Purchase department will have a separate process which is followed to complete the Purchase Order process. The multiple business processes of Organizations can be automated using a strong ECM combined with a robust workflow management solution.
Hand IconAutomated workflows are used to route documents from person to person so they can each complete their document management tasks, such as reviewing documents, modifying, approving, and distribution.
Hand IconBusiness workflows are customized for each organization based on existing business processes .Anju’s workflow management solution is easily configured and can be easily modified as the needs of the business change and grow.

Form/Data Management:

FormXOnline is a comprehensive form designer that allows a business to design intelligent web enabled forms publishable on a customer’s intra or internet. The product is intuitive and guides a user through the steps of design and creation of calculations and automated data population within the form. A business can create any business form in a matter of hours without professional service costs.

FormXOnline can be leveraged by a business user with no technical knowledge to create intelligent web forms, the formseach of which can be assigned to an automated workflow via DocX Logic’s workflow designer.

Data Entry:
Hand IconDataXOnline is a customizable data entry product that supports the design of data entry screens that are displayed next to an imaged document to promote productivity in data entry activities.
Hand IconThe image assisted data entry feature reduces the occurrence of errors when data is entered into any system. DataXOnline also reduces the time required for single or multiple levels of Quality Checks.
Hand IconThis solution can assist an organization in reducing the costs of data entry and streamline the process to increase efficiencies and lower overall the cost of data entry processes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts images of printed text into machine-encoded text which are editable and searchable. This allows any electronic document format to be quickly indexed and conveniently searched.

When scanned images go through OCR the content marked is automatically recognized as data, reducing the requirement for data entry staff and data correction. In this model, data entry personnel are leveraged to complete quality control on the OCR data in an efficient manner with image and OCR screens side by side and synchronied cursors for ease of data review and correction.


DocXOnline is a platform built using .NET object oriented architecture providing a flexible and customizable framework to facilitate quick solutions to customer’s business problems.

The Anju Framework allows customers ease of design and implementation in the following areas:

Hand IconStructured storage of input data associated with specific document types
Hand IconCustomization of document/electronic document workflow management
Hand IconDesign of customized business forms with an associated workflow process
Hand IconCustomization of image assisted data entry screens to increase data entry speed, automatic storage and retrieval, workflow assignment, and Reporting/mining of data.
Hand IconImport and export business information from forms, data entry, and documents read through Optical Character Recognition
Hand IconIntegration with Microsoft Office applications

Manage your Fax Documents Online:

FaxOnline is a product used to streamline inbound faxes received. Faxes received through a secure centralized server are routed to the appropriate department based on the FAX phone number. The fax is then automatically routed to the department associated with the FAX number and placed in the appropriate work queue or electronic folder for further processing. A received Fax is deposited in a specified fax directory for the specific fax number and a custom workflow for that fax number can be designed and implemented based on this designation

Advantages of FaxOnline include opportunities to save on paper cost and manual filing time, as well as automate the direction of faxes to the correct department/user for review, action or direction.