Products Overview

Anjusoft provides a series of innovative and high performing business automation products. Our flagship products DocXEnterprise, DocXOffice, and DocXOnline enable the automation of manual business workflow processes and secured access to critical business information. This automation can lower administrative costs and increase efficiencies throughout any business enterprise.

Our Electronic Document Management (ECM) solution is designed to manage all forms of business information such as: hard copy paper, email, fax, video or any other format. Our solution allows a company to design its own business process workflows and automatically route a document through a decision making cycle. Our advanced forms designer enables a business to fully automate all standard business forms and publish these forms on the web. Our sophisticated user interface enables a business user to customize how they wish to retrieve and view business information including search, document activities, and reporting.

DocX products can empower your company to protect and make available its most critical business assets and as a result:

Hand Icon Store and retrieve business information in the quickest way possible
Hand Icon Share secured information throughout the business enterprise anytime and anywhere
Hand Icon View the business information in a manner that is most helpful in making business decisions
Hand Icon Integrate the stored business information with other business applications
Hand Icon Automate document centric business processes throughout the enterprise
Hand Icon Improve disaster recovery and business resumption readiness
Hand Icon Conform to various industry compliance regulations
Hand Icon Enhanced method for retrieving information to respond to audits or e-discovery.

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