DocxlogicDo you have files in multiple formats, stored all over the place? Think of the efficiency and productivity gains if your electronic, hard copy, fax, audio and all other files were stored in a logical, easy to access system. Priced right for the small to mid-sized business, DocXLogic is a fully scalable solution that can be installed in a matter of hours and can be expanded as your business grows. DocXLogic automatically indexes and stores business documents in any format. Once stored, the DocXLogic workflow manager enables you to route documents to individual work queues for defined actions. This sophisticated workflow manager includes more than 20 automation options, giving you simple, fast access to vital business information that can be stored either within the office network or on the web.

FormxlogicIf you’re spending too much time compiling, analyzing and publishing data from forms, FormXLogic’s form automation is the solution for you. FormXLogic is a powerful, intelligent, rules-based forms management processor for data collected either from web-based or standard hard copy forms. With FormXLogicyou can create form templates to collect and validate information. Once your forms are designed, FormXLogic form publishing wizard makes it a snap to publish them onto the web in a matter of minutes Asusers enter information, they are alerted to correct any invalid or missing information. Once theysubmit the form on-line, FormXLogic’s real-time rules engine processes the data and then automatically files it within DocXLogic, from where it can then be converted to a standard XML output file for uploading to other business applications.

DataxlogicDataXLogic will improve the accuracy and efficiency of your data entry operations. Customized data entry screens are presented in an image assisted viewer allowing the Operator to view the scanned image and enter data side by side to the image. The data is then automatically loaded into the target application, yielding significant savings in productivity. DataXLogic allows you to create ad-hoc data entry templates and easily configure output files to a wide variety of business applications.

MedxlogicMedXLogic provides a standard template for HCFA and UB92 medical claim forms. Using our advanced rules-engine, you can create customized rules to verify claim data such as provider license, member information, and CPT codes. With our proprietary Optical Character Recognition processing engine, your medical claim form can be scanned and intelligently processed through the rules engine. The resulting output data is then transformed into a standard 837 output file or XML format which can be loaded to any claims processing application. The processed form is also filed into DocXLogic for simple retrieval and further updating. Any OCR form that includes errors are delivered to a validation station for resolution.