The entire DocXLogic series is an advanced content management solution. Key features include:


Hand Icon Portal functional view
Hand Icon User-defined functional views
Hand Icon Personalized formats
Hand Icon Expandable information views
Hand Icon Stacked document view

Information Storage & Search

Hand Icon Tree structured files
Hand Icon Customizable directories/sub-directories
Hand Icon Unique Index-values linked to directories &sub-directories
Hand Icon SQL back-end database
Hand Icon Standard system level index values
Hand Icon Search on notes, rubber stamps
Hand Icon annotations, created date, modified user
Hand Icon Electronic folder views
Hand Icon Information list View
Hand Icon Global Search (Boolean)
Hand Icon Full Text Search
Hand Icon Wildcard Search
Hand Icon Auto-memory Indexing
Hand Icon Search Result memory
Hand Icon Search Result exporting
Hand Icon Workflow Queue Search

Document Management

Hand Icon Robust document viewer tools
Hand Icon Manage documents in native format
Hand Icon Historical document notes
Hand Icon Re-index capability
Hand Icon Re-key capability
Hand Icon Version control
Hand Icon Comprehensive document transaction history
Hand Icon Store all image and document types
Hand Icon Workflow status history
Hand Icon Re-index and re-key history
Hand Icon Encrypted digital signature
Hand Icon Digital signature history
Hand Icon Export/import utilities
Hand Icon Email and print

Automated Workflow & Queue Management

Hand Icon Rules-based graphical workflow
Hand Icon Pre-programmed workflow components
Hand Icon Expandable workflow components
Hand Icon User defined and customizable
Hand Icon Automatic routing of documents
Hand Icon Real-time document status reports
Hand Icon Complete workflow history
Hand Icon Process Timers

Document Packages

Hand Icon Create document print and email packages
Hand Icon Customize packages
Hand Icon Integrate documents from Windows Explorer
Hand Icon Package version control
Hand Icon Complete package history
Hand Icon Packages archived for retrieval

Security & Administration

Hand Icon Application, document, function level security
Hand Icon Integrated with MS Active Directory
Hand Icon User group security management
Hand Icon Customer managed security and
Hand Icon administrative functions
Hand Icon Index group management
Hand Icon Workflow design and customization
Hand Icon Full text services management
Hand Icon Digital Signature management
Hand Icon Email integration with MS Outlook
Hand Icon Windows Integration
Hand Icon Seamless integration with MS Office products
Hand Icon Open ECM files from within MS Office
Hand Icon File from within MS Office to ECM
Hand Icon File from Windows Explorer to ECM
Hand Icon File from Outlook to ECM

Document Scanning and Deposit

Hand Icon Integrated scanning software
Hand Icon Batch scanning, zonal OCR, bar-coding & drag and drop
Hand Icon Combine and consolidate documents